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Nebraska’s high personal and corporate income taxes are among the steepest in the region. Nebraska’s neighbor to the southwest, Colorado, taxes billionaires at a lower rate than the one Nebraska applies to individuals making over $29,000 per year. Two of Nebraska’s neighbors—Wyoming and South Dakota—do not collect state income tax at all. Reducing obstacles for business development also means expanding local job opportunities, something that is essential for the economic growth of Nebraska communities large and small.


The Strong Roots Nebraska plan is not a quick fix, and it does not call on lawmakers to take drastic action. Instead, it recommends a steady march towards lower, more competitive taxes for Nebraska. Nebraska was not built in a day, and the more vibrant economy facilitated by lower taxes will not be one-day project, either. With careful planning, reevaluation of spending priorities, and clear policy goals de ned, the Strong Roots Nebraska plan would provide the framework for future economic growth. Nebraskans want to provide more for their families, protect the good life that they already enjoy, and continue to create the opportunities that will grow Nebraska.

This state can become a place where more families and businesses are able to put down roots for a productive future together, where they can continue to build memories. In the 2015 legislative session, it is the time for members of the Unicameral to stand up for Nebraska taxpayers.


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Nebraska's taxes are too high and too many. I'm calling on Nebraska's state senators to support tax reform that helps all hardworking Nebraskans in the 2017 legislative session.


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