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A picture frame deck can make a decking project look much neater as it creates a frame around the edge of the deck so that no cut ends are visible. In this v

Watch This Video Before Installing decking Planks Deck Construction Tips - Duration: 6:50. gregvancom 92,748 views & 6:50 & building a Simple Deck Rob Palmer DIY - Duration: 7:14. Rob Palmer DIY 144,881 views & 7:14. How to Lay decking with Wickes - Duration: 15:29. Wickes 53,257 views & 15:29 & DIY How to Build a Floating Deck A to Z - Duration: 1:20:33. Home RenoVision DIY 669,028 views & 1:20:33. decking Sub Floor Over Concrete & Paving

How to Build a decking frame. the key to constructing firm and long lasting decking is in building the frame correctly. building the decking frame. the best way to avoid errors when building your sub-frame is to lay the pieces out in your garden as they will be constructed. First, lay out the outer joists, remembering to allow for overlapping at the corners. then cut your inner joists to the right size and position them inside the frame. the inner joists need to be laid in the opposite direction

the design and construction of a raised decking project, requires a lot more expertise that a simple ground level deck. Good carpentry and even engineering skills are required, as well as being completely at home with with building substantial structures. Raised decking Ideas are here for your interest in the first instance. After that, if an idea appeals??? Do NOT attempt to build elevated decking if you are a DIY novice. the advice and information on these pages concerning the

Step 1: Preparing the Garden Oversite. Step 2: building the Deck frame. Step 3: Attaching the Deck frame To A building. Step 4: Fixing Your Joists. Step 5: Fitting Deck Newel Posts. Step 6: Fit the decking Boards. Step 7: Fitting the Balustrading. Step 8: Build & Attach the Steps. Step 9: Adding a Pergola SUBSCRIBE AND SAVE £100's ON YOUR GARDEN decking BUILD. We negotiate exclusive discounts of up to 50% off with 20 UK DIY suppliers, including Wickes & B&Q.

You should not simply lay the deck frame on the ground without suitable supports. decking frame supports will play an important part in the stability of the deck - taking into account lifting is possible in strong wind and also because of ground shrinkage and heaving - particularly on clay soils - but also because of natural settlement over time. Do NOT use ready notched DIY joists for raised decks. decking frame construction is one of the most important aspects of building a satisfactory

Whether you are planning to install a composite or timber deck, the products you select for the construction of your deck's substructure are vital. If you are building your deck substructure yourself, you have probably already considered to the various materials available for a solid, lasting deck foundation. But even if you are paying someone else to create your decking frame, you should still arm yourself with knowledge about the various products available so that you can ensure your

Prepare the deck sub frame Step 1: Prepare a level, weed-free area for the deck. To create a framework, cut the 100mm x 50mm tanalised timber to the required length, then join using exterior wood screws. Check the frame is square by measuring from corner to corner. Adjust if necessary. Raise the deck frame with timber blocks

to Build a Deck. 3. Prepare the beam that will go opposite the ledger board. Cut the beam the same length as the ledger board. If you plan to have the joists butt flush against this beam (a flush beam), then use a framing square to align the edges of both beams and then copy the marks in full. If you plan to have the joists rest on this beam instead (a dropped beam), you'll only need to have marks across the top for reference. Most building

Dekblok building decking has never been quicker or easier than when you use Supreme Concrete's DekBlok system. Accurate setting out is simplified as there is no requirement for wet concrete or digging post holes and all timber is protected from direct contact with the ground - so minimising the risk of rot or vermin damage. DekBlok provides a stable foundation for the deck joists and framing, simply position the units on firm levelled ground. This is now ready to accept the framing.

A partly or fully raised deck can be a great addition to any garden, especially if the ground is sloping or uneven. Learn how to build a raised deck with thi

How to Build decking. Share This: It's time to bring your great decking ideas to life! To save you money, time and hassle, here are a few tips on building garden decking. It will help you to know a bit about styles of decking design, wood Framing. Next, a frame is constructed, using joists that interlock the boards and strengthen the entire deck. Care must be taken to align the frame, to avoid warping or uneven decking. Fixing deck boards follows, and many options exist

Laying a deck can improve the look and increase the usability of your garden, Use our handy how to guide to take you from start to finish the process of laying a deck. Keep neighbours informed if you decide to build a substantial structure and be prepared to alter your building plans if they object. Deciding on the location is important: do you Next lay you deckboard on top of the frame and predrill all fixing points with a 2mm bit to prevent boards from splitting. 13. If you countersink

building a deck. the frame the key to constructing a good decking area is the frame. If the decking is being built on a low level it should be built of C16 graded treated joists 45 mm by 95mm (4×2 approx.). However if you are building a raised deck you should use 45mm x 145mm joists. Before building the frame you need to decide which way the final decking boards are going to run and build the main joists of the frame in the opposite direction at approx 400mm centres. Also it is good

QwickBuild is an innovative decking sub-structure system which replaces traditional building materials with an aluminium frame and stainless steel clips.

A timber deck can offer you a seamless link between your home and your garden, as well as, be the perfect outdoor space for you and your family to relax and

This video shows how to install decking posts for an elevated deck. In some places you need permission to build an elevated deck, some decks also require pla

building a decking frame to support the deck boards. decking has risen dramatically in popularity due (we believe) to a large extent, to its versatility. A raised deck does not create half as many problems, or half as much work, as a raised patio. Decks can curve with ease, and blend in beautifully with other wooden features in the garden such as trees and fences. decking is still however, carpentry and some skill is required to get it right! This project deals with a straight forward raised

A simple step-by-step guide to lay decking in your garden this Spring. DIY expert, Craig Phillips, shows you how to expertly build your deck project. This de

decking really is a multipurpose outdoor surface. You can either build your deck as a stand-alone feature to take advantage of the gardens sunniest spot, or extend your internal floor space by attaching a deck to the front, side or back of your house. This arrangement looks fantastic when the deck is linked to the house by a set of French or folding sliding doors. A decking project is very heavy on materials. To give you an idea, the main frame for the 4.5m x 3.3m deck

Whether you're looking to create a stylish new sun-deck, a raised area for outdoor dining or just want an attractive feature to add variety, there's no better way to enhance your garden than by installing traditional, wooden decking. the appearance of wood as a construction material can't be beaten, as it looks great and will blend seamlessly into your garden all-year-round. building a simple, wooden deck should be relatively straightforward for a competent DIY'er,