mantis hidden deck fasteners

Installing hidden deck fasteners just got a lot faster. Senco's SHD150HP tool installs Mantis deck clicks using threaded nails that have a 

The Mantis deck clip system leave no visible fasteners on your deck surface, and is Installing Mantis Hidden Deck Clips Using the NEW Mantis RCS Eliminator 

Mantis Clips are the newest generation of hidden deck fasteners that provide superior holding power, are the easiest hidden deck fastener to install in grooved 

Designed for use with composite, PVC and other grooved deck boards, Senco's hidden deck fasteners employ a three-clip system. A starter clip 

Senco recently introduced their version of a tool to install Mantis deck clips. The Mantis hidden deck fasteners work for grooved decking boards, 

Camo Hidden Deck Fastening System: This system uses the Camo The mantis clip elevated the decking above the deck frame joists to allow airflow under the 

Grooved boards and hidden fasteners combine for a blemish-free surface. Nearly every synthetic deck-board manufacturer offers grooved decking. . Ty-Lan Industries makes Mantis clips in two versions (models .345 and 

Sure Drive USAoffers several strong and secure hidden deck fastening systems. Sure Drive Fasteners are available for a wide variety of deck board types, 

Mantis Hidden Deck Clip - The newest generation of hidden deck fasteners, featuring Mantis technology provides a hidden fastener solution for grooved decking 

In pursuit of the perfect deck, all decking lines come with a hidden installation option. When using grooved-edge boards, our hidden deck fastening 

Deck Boards elevated off of the joists to promote air flow. • High Strength Steel or Decking Material/Recommended Fastener. MATERIAL. DECKING Mantis. Hidden Link / Shadoe Track. Composite. EverX (UFPI). Mantis .396. Hidden Link 

Hidden deck fastening systems are all but a must for professional builders these days. Not everyone demands them, but discerning customers