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A primer on how to select the right decking products for your clients. But then try asking them to explain what makes one brand's wood-plastic composite (wpc) or polyvinyl chloride (PVC) decking or trim different from another. Cost vs. Quality. What is certain is that making wpcs and PVC products requires a careful mixing of ingredients not just for performance, but for cost. One way to do that is by literally trimming away some of what's produced. It's a principal reason why a lot of

wpcs can be found predominantly used for decking but other markets have emerged such as wall cladding, trimmings, outdoor / indoor furnitures and interiors for the automotive industry. Composite wood vs Real wood. Research conducted by David Burke (2011) analysed the properties and differences between Kiln dried hardwood and wood Plastic Composites (wpcs), specifically compared the brand Modwood for furniture and construction applications. Given that the chemical

Before building a deck, carefully consider the materials, which range from pressure-treated wood to natural wood to composite materials. Deck Materials: wood Decks vs Composite Decks wood Decks. Many people prefer real wood for their decks because of its natural, warm appearance. It just feels good. But there's wood and then there's wood. The type of lumber you choose for a wooden deck is critically important to the longevity and level of maintenance of

While wood decks were clearly winning the bids until some ten years ago, the composite decking materials improved immensely in terms of structure, durability and safety. Nowadays, the choice into both types of decking. What's next after you make your choice; Fantastic Gardeners can give you a hand in deck building, with both wood and composite materials. pigments and so on. Therefore, this type of material is also known as wpc wood polymer composite.

Plastic decking vs composite. Published Thursday 17th March 2016. As an alternative to timber, composite and plastic products have made great strides in the decking industry over the past decade. In this guide, we explore the benefits of wood Plastic Composite (wpc) and how it compares against its fully-plastic sidekick. wpc is manufactured from a combination of recycled plastics and hardwood waste. It's an immensely versatile material, which combines the traditional

BENEFITS vs wood. Exterior stains like Sikkens, Bohme, Penofin, Cabot and Olympic when used under the right conditions and applied according to the manufacturers guideline will perform exceptionally well on a traditional Cedar deck, but many customers now prefer to offset the higher cost of a Composite or PVC Deck over the lifespan of the material. Synthetic decking does not require the same year-on-year attention as natural wood thus reducing

wpc is also often classified as an environmentally friendly material by emphasizing too much on its components of recycled materials. However, the buyer may need to understand that this is not completely true for all wpc decking materials. According to the analyis report "wood-Plastic Composite Lumber vs. wood decking" by Dovetail Partners Inc, an organisation which provides authoritative information about the environmental impacts on society; it is quoted that

There are lots of deck builders that have experience working with wpc so finding a deck contractor for wpc deck construction should be a easy task. Some of the Advantages and Disadvantages. 1- Composite decks can have a higher heat retention but can be offset by purchasing a lighter color. 2- The cost is higher than a wood deck but you have more choices on deck design with your deck ideas. 3- Surface is of composite decking is nonskid vs wood deck with

Building a deck in the past was a simple choice between wood and…wood, but composites are now challenging the timber stronghold. The segment of the decking industry that Hurley predicts will most likely challenge the timber stronghold is wood Plastic Composite (wpc). Typically made from a combination of different materials (namely, wood Composition: pure versus recycled plastics, softwood versus hardwood versus no wood at all. Expansion Co-Efficient:

5 good reasons to choose MODwood decking over other wpc brands. Modwood will comply. The only wpc brand that will fully comply with NZ Building Code CodeMark Certfication pending. Modwood will save you money. Compare Modwood pricing with competing brands. Modwood will last the distance. The only wpc manufactured 'Down Under' for our unique UV climate conditions. Modwood will look better. The only wpc decking that really looks like wood when laid and

Bamboo decking failure, installation problems, maintenace, composite decking comparison. compare composite decking vs bamboo decking materials, bamboo reviews, ekologix compare bamboo decking materials to plastic decking materials resized 600. EASE OF INSTALLATION An environmentally friendly composite will consist of recycled plastic and reclaimed wood fibre with very little processing required to get it into its useable form. Bamboo is frequently

Eco wood decking vs Composite decking. Composite wood, also know as wpc (wood Plastic Composite) is considered as the latest edition in the decking industry. It is usually made up of a composite of wood and plastic fibre contents to make it resilient to weather. However, it also imposes some disadvantages as compared to using natural eco wood as decking materials. Here are some of the common disadvantages for of composite decking: 1) Algae Growth. Especially when the

Coastal decking - Composite vs wood. So you live by the sea, and Coastal weather can be especially hard on wooden structures and surfaces due to the damaging effects of salt water absorption and sun exposure. Because of this all Eva-tech offers not just the best in composite wood decking products, but also other outdoor building solutions such as wpc cladding, railing, pergolas, balustrades as well as specialised fixing and support systems. Check out our

Reasons to Avoid wood/Plastic Composite decking and Profiles. wood Composite decking vs Recycled Plastic decking Kedel In the USA, the promotion of wpc as rot free and not requiring wood preservatives was challenged as scientific evidence arose of the growth of decay fungi in wpc in service, and the failure of wpc boardwalks in the southern states of America after a few years of service". wood Plastic Composite can be impregnated with zinc borate as a wood