waterproof deck covering the courtyard

Protect Your Investment. When your deck is professionally installed by one of our qualified Weatherdek Dealers, your project will be backed by the industry's leading warranty of up to 5 Years Appearance / 15 years on waterproofing. Warranty Details

the surface was prepared by removing loose and deteriorated concrete, dirt and rubble. Aggressive power-washing and grinding where needed ensured the surface was free of contaminants, for optimal adhesion of the waterproof deck coating materials. the perimeter, pool and spa were masked off to protect from overspray. Areas of severe cracking of concrete were demolished, and replaced with new concrete. Care was taken to make sure newly poured concrete

Project Brief. Seattle's Jewish Family Service (JFS) was constructing a new 19,000 square foot building in the city's downtown area. the building was to feature a 1766 square metre roof-deck courtyard, with a large planter box. This roof deck required a high performance roof coating solution that could endure Seattle's notoriously damp climate. the contractor was tasked with finding a performance coating guaranteed to remain effective for years to come. JFS has a history in Seattle

quite a lot of time available, but not enough to allow floor-layers to respect the minimum time required to cure conventional cementitious screeds: 7-10 days per cm of thickness at around 20°C (and never less than 28 days). Binders are required, therefore, which allow mortar with long workability times to be prepared for substrates and which are easy to apply, while at the same time allow waterproofing layers and coating materials to be laid quickly. In these cases, MAPEI proposes the

Oak Hurts Court in Beverly Hills, CA. Here G W C took it to another level! Not only did we have to properly slope the entire courtyard, Walkways, planter boxes and balconies, but we gave them all beautiful custom tile designs. A deck Coating system, Planter below grade waterproofing and Under Tile waterproofing Systems were done here by G W C Wateproofing

This featured project required waterproofing over 22,000 square feet of decking including an outdoor lounge area, tennis court and basketball deck surface atop the property SHARE IT! Westcoat Specialty Coating Systems not only function well and look great in commercial spaces but homeowners can also enjoy our decorative coatings for their living spaces. With over 2,200 sq/ft of Estate's offices. their courtyard needed an updated look and they wanted a specific color match.

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From simple projects to the most complex, we help ensure that your waterproofing system performs for generations to come. the broad product range and installation versatility of our waterproofing systems allow you to work with a single manufacturer to cover all of your waterproofing needs. From zero-lot property line construction to backfilled foundation walls to under slab and plaza deck application, CETCO has the waterproofing solution that fit your needs. REQUEST ASSISTANCE

waterproof deck Coatings. We specialize in decking repair, refinishing, Non-slip floor coatings, Mer-Ko, Mer-Kote, parking lots, garage flooring, construction, below grade, roof repair, balcony coating, epoxy coating work, pool decks, balcony, Fiber-Flex deck Coatings SCD's Fiber-Flex with tile-look finish installed in a courtyard. SCD can do all home, business and new construction. Pacific Polymer parking lot coating. Pacific Polymer's 5000 H.T. vehicular traffic coating on a large

heavy rainfall, the existing EPDM membrane lap splices beneath the concrete pavers were periodically susceptible to leaks and water would enter the chemistry laboratory below. Existing Perimeter. Exist. EPDM Beneath Pavers. Existing courtyard on the North End of Dabney-Buehler Hall. the scope of work included a complete removal of the existing concrete pavers, EPDM waterproofing membrane, and existing insulation down to the concrete deck. the new waterproofing system

Melbourne Awnings and Shade Systems is a leading supplier in custom made waterproof retractable pergolas check out our roofs installed at Gradi and Cervo Restaurants at Crown Casino, Albert Park Driving Range Golf Club Café, Public House in Whether you need a retractable roof for your backyard, courtyard or deck, or you're looking for a custom-made roof system to meet the needs of a restaurant, bar or commercial project, there is an All Weather model to suit all.

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Batten Awnings: A batten awning houses aluminium tubes (i.e. battens) sewn into fabric pockets. these battens can be straight or curved to generate a gentle curved appearance. the curve increases the height under the awning to provide a light, airy feel. the battens may run either across the awning (parallel) or in line with the awning (perpendicular). they eliminate flapping and increase awning stability in high winds. Batten awnings, along with all of Outriggers fixed awnings and