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While the following price estimates make for a good starting point, it's important to talk to suppliers and installers in your area to get a more concrete idea of what your final floor cost is going to be. Vinyl Sheet runs $1 to $5 per square foot for materials and a cheap $1 to $2 per square foot for installation. floor cost is one of those things, both with materials and installation service, where the more you pay out initially, the less often you'll be faced with costly repairs on down the line.

UNFINISHED basement IDEAS There are lots of homes which have a built-in basement. However, very few owners actually care about utilizing the space in an effic.

Unfinished concrete flooring will produce fine dust if it's not sealed, so you may want to consider applying a sealer. It's an easy DIY project that will go a long way to making your unfinished basement a lot more comfortable and manageable to maintain. When it comes to decorating ideas, the industrial look is in, which lends itself well to dressing up the subterranean infrastructure of a an unfinished basement. So, consider those exposed beams, pipes and wires an asset and play them

6 days ago Are you looking for cheap flooring? When all you need is a basic floor, or maybe just enough for something a little more pricey, try these.

Dense fiberboard topped with an image sealed under clear plastic, laminate is another affordable choice. (Of the flooring we tested, it's the least expensive, costing 50 cents less per square foot than vinyl, on average. Our top-rated vinyl model, Congoleum's DuraCeramic Sierra Slate, comes in at $5 per square foot.) It's also easy to install yourself. Use it in basements that have no leaks or persistent moisture on the walls and floor. For the most convincing look of real

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Amazing Painted Plywood Subfloor: A How To. Diy flooringCheap flooring Ideas DiyCheap Bathroom flooringbasement flooring OptionsFaux Wood flooringPaper Bag flooringPlywood Subfloorbasement SubfloorPainted floors. Need a super cheap flooring solution - painted plywood subfloor. You would never know this was just a pretty subfloor. No more nasty carpet!

Last year, the average Ontario water claim cost $28,000—and this average includes a lot of $5,000 clean-up jobs as well as a few massive $150,000 claims that require five or six months to repair, says one insurance insider. For cost-conscious homeowners, then, planning a basement renovation or remodel needs to include materials that water-resistant (or, at the very least, hold up well under damp conditions). Let's start with flooring—the area most prone to pooling

The Best basement flooring Options. Rubber flooringTile flooringbasement flooring Optionsflooring IdeasWaterproof flooringbasement Renovationsbasement IdeasCarpet TilesRemodeling Ideas. The Best basement flooring Options: Trends & affordable floors to make your basement pop!

The Best basement flooring Options: Discover the best, trendiest and affordable options for your. You may not have realized some of the wood floor looks you've seen in supermarkets, coffee shops, and retail stores are not actually hardwood. The truth is, the majority of them are vinyl planks. I know, I too have been fooled many times by this sneaky floor! The main component of vinyl is a flexible type of plastic. This means that it has the same natural properties as other

So they are double checking those trouble spots for us now that the basement is finished. And we figure, if we do have problems, carpet will be the easiest and cheapest to replace if we have to. After the water issues we had upstairs last year I'm all good with easy and cheap. ;). Soooo…now it's time to decide on the one. My first stop was and Lowes to check out samples. It was a bit overwhelming, so I took samples I liked and went to a local carpet store

Inexpensive flooring makes sense in basements, but you don't have to settle for vinyl squares or indoor/outdoor carpet—there are other good options.

Better Concrete basement floors. Does anyone have a simple, inexpensive solution to covering concrete basement floors? We have done various things, including linoleum blocks. However, they came loose when it got damp/wet down there. Is there a good paint that will stay on and look good? I would like to know what others have tried for concrete basement floors. Carole, Missouri

Although many additional considerations must be made before you can begin, once you've dealt with these discouraging factors, carpeting a basement shouldn't require any specialized installation techniques. Choosing a loop, twist, or plush style carpet will also follow the same rules as your main floor carpeting. If you expect a lot of foot traffic, pet wear, or other abuse, you may not want to buy an expensive carpet that you're going to need to replace in just a few years. On the other

"Finishing a basement on a Budget". Unfinished basementsUnfinished basement Ideas Diybasement PlansCheap basement IdeasCheap Ceiling IdeasCheap Remodeling Ideasbasement WorkshopRefinished basement IdeasFinished basement Designs. An unfinished basement: stain the ceiling, paint the walls, put in wooden floors. The stain on the unfinished ceiling gives it a finished look.

People are freaking out over these gorgeous floor ideas because they are so cheap and glamorous! Bathroom Concrete floorEpoxy Concrete floorPaint Concrete floorsDiy Stained ConcretePainting basement floorsPainted Concrete PorchFinished Concrete floorsConcrete basement WallsConcrete Finishes. turquoise gem look on floor with metal effects patinas, flooring

Your budget will determine the quality of flooring material to use. Do not be tempted to settle for the cheap flooring material. If you want to achieve long-term flooring in your basement, it's critical that you set a realistic budget that will ensure that all the important aspects are taken care of during the flooring process. Also, take into consideration maintenance routine and care of the flooring option you plan to install. A cheaper option may wind up being more expensive due to frequent

Love the color but not the peel and stick Simply Beautiful By Angela: Peel & Stick Vinyl flooring (Wood floors on a Budget! . DIY Remodeling Hacks - DIY Peel N' Stick Backsplash Tiles - Quick and Easy Home Repair Tips and Tricks - Cool Hacks for DIY Home Improvement Ideas - Cheap Ways To Fix Bathroom, Bedroom, Kitchen, Outdoor, Living Room and Lighting For basement---- Get the warm look of wood flooring, but with the water-resistance and durability of vinyl.

You have a dream of turning a basement, garage, or some other unloved room into a decent place to hang out. That wasted space could be a study, or a spare bedroom or a sweet home theater! The first step is fixing up the floor—thatconcrete slab, those panels of bare plywood, or the ratty wood speckled with glue from old carpet.