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Review our comprehensive list of commonly asked product and installation questions about composite decking materials. ... What do you recommend to place under grills, chairs, and pots on decking from the Terrain, Tropical, or Legacy Collections? ... What kind of fastener should I use with ?

Learn about the different characteristics and benefits of hollow and solid core composite decking. ... Once you decide to use composite decking material for your home's or business's deck, you must then decide whether you want to go with solid or hollow boards. ... What type of decking are you considering for your project?

Call your local building officials to make sure the material you're considering is approved in your city. Some composite systems have limitations on the materials for use as stairs or require specific framing in certain applications. Also, be sure you know what kind of fastener spacing is required so you don't encounter any ...

Unfortunately, pressure is being brought to bear on city planners from environmental lobby groups to use composite decking to rebuild the boardwalks. I'm not going to try ... Non-Biodegradable. While we are on the topic of replacing the boardwalk, what happens to this composite lumber when it is torn up and carted off?

If you're thinking about building a new deck or replacing an old one, you have a lot of decisions to make. How large will this deck be? Are you attaching it to a house or other structure? Most importantly, what type of material will you use? Designing a deck to suit your needs should be fun and exciting.

Having considered all of these factors, most people use their decks at the end of the day. On a 90-degree day you are probably inside in the A/C. No matter what kind of decking you have on a 90-degree day, you are hot and it really doesn't matter if the decking is a few degrees cooler. In our Northeast Ohio ...