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interviewed during the course of this study all had well organised quality control procedures in place and the research by the TFHC has shown that most of the defects occurring in timber frame construction in. Ireland were site related. The full advantages of timber frame technology will be experienced only when professionals themselves become more familiar with it through education. Storage of panels On Site. Protection of the timber panels on site is critical to ensuring timber

The obvious benefit is the speed of erection, O'Reilly Concrete can erect as much as 400sqm of prestressed walls in one day. Fire Retardation Concrete is a non-combustible material therefore O'Reilly Precast wall Panels provide a higher degree of fire resistance than most other building materials. Strength Every panel is designed specifically to deal with a specific loading/application. Excellent Finish Panels do not need to be plastered and are supplied 'paint ready' The panels are

in Ireland for instance 50,000 houses will be built this year, 25% in timber frame and the vast majority of the rest in some form of insulated blockwork wall construction. It is clearly Yet another advantage was that there was a clear and sensible division of trades during its construction: blockies built the structure and plasterers provided the weatherproofing (and limited insulation) in the form of external render and internal plaster. . These panels can be structural or non-structural.

Best practice is to install an aluminium rail system on the structural wall, and it's on this rails system that the actual panels are affixed. The specification of the rails depends entirely on a combination of the features of the panels to be hung, and the location of the building. Types of Rainscreen >; Brick, Stone & Ceramic; Light Metallic Panels; Timber Cladding; High Pressure Laminates. There are many different types of rainscreen each with their own characteristics and benefits. Please

Find out from the Energy Saving Trust how to save money on heating bills by insulating solid walls which are much less efficient than cavity walls. Solid brick wall If your home was built before 1919, its external walls are probably solid rather than cavity walls. Cavity walls are made of two layers with a small gap or 'cavity' between them. Solid walls have no gap, so they let more heat through. Another way to tell is by with brick slips. There are advantages and disadvantages to both.

interior walls and ceilings may exhibit tendencies for self-propagating fire spread when combustible vapors are emitted upon heating in a fire. The quantity of combustibles and the maximum rate of heat released rate can start the self-propagating process. FM Approved Class 1 fire-rated interior walls and ceiling panels are utilized because of the lowered hazard from self-propagating fire spread and potential fire damage within the facility. The benefits described herein will help the end

O'Reilly Concrete manufactures high quality precast concrete products for over 50 years introducing innovative products to the Irish building market. Now we Our standard insulated wall panels have U-value 0.18 W/m2K which is below the new Part L, Building Regulations 2014 which require a U-value below 0.20 W/m2K. Couple that with the added features and benefits of the thermal insulation, and you can keep your house construction well within budget.

HHI are the largest supplier of PVC fascia, barge boards and guttering etc in Northern Ireland offering an extensive range of colours and designs suppling the building trade and public. An alternative to tiles, wall panels have the advantage of no grout, less sensitive to condensation and easy to clean. Whether you are fed up with the grouting, or are simply looking for a new and fresh look for your bathroom, Ultra Panel Plus waterproof wall panels provide the perfect solution.

Using a complete precast structure has now become a popular choice for many construction projects throughout Ireland and the UK. in today's competitive construction industry, time is critical… delays and downtime cost money. O'Reilly Concrete's precast solutions are widely regarded as an economic, structurally sound and architecturally versatile form of construction. 'Total Precast' combines the benefits of rapid construction and high quality materials with the

Precast Twin wall Panels. Our twin wall system is composed of two 65mm thick precast concrete wall leafs that are suitably reinforced and connected to each other during production. wall thicknesses of 200mm thick and upwards can be accommodated and window / door The twin wall system mixes the benefits of using precast concrete and insitu concrete including: Faster project time due to precast elements being utilised which leads to reduced labour costs

Timber framing and "post-and-beam" construction are traditional methods of building with heavy timbers, creating structures using squared-off and carefully fitted and joined timbers with joints secured by large wooden pegs. It is commonplace in wooden buildings from the 19th century and earlier. If the structural frame of load-bearing timber is left exposed on the exterior of the building it may be referred to as half-timbered, and in many cases the infill between timbers will be used for

nailed to a timber framework of walls, floors and sometimes roof components, forming structural panels. These are assembled to form a rigid structure designed to support and transfer all dead, live and wind loads to the building foundations. Plywood, OSB or similar sheathing materials contribute fundamentally to building stability as well as effecting enclosure of the frame for weather protection during the construction process. Currently, the system most prevalent in Ireland is platform

Learn about the benefits of our superior performance insulation products for internal wall insulation. Enquire with our customer care team for more information.

Sip's have now arrived in Ireland, but what exactly is it and what are the benefits of this method over the traditional brick and block or timber frame? The system is made of unique joining panels for walls and roof. The panels are made of two 15 mm OSB3, autohesively bonded to the rigid urethane insulation core during manufacture. The benefits are that the system is highly energy efficient due to its air tight construction. It can be very fast as far as constructing the whole building and

Sandwich panel advantages. Fully integrated structure/skin system load-bearing wall panels provide both structural support and external finish; Factory production enables optimal finish; Construction is quicker, with 'just in time' site delivery; On-site labour costs minimized; No need for external scaffolding, thus saving contractor costs and prelims; Strong, durable, energy-efficient; Load bearing panels are installed as the building is being constructed; Reduction of wet trades on site

The Best Panels Money Can Buy Exclusive to HHI. Ultra panels for walls and ceilings are tough, practical, waterproof and above all visually attractive. Whichever one of the tasteful designs you choose the result is always elegant and original. We offer a wide range of stylish panels made of high-quality PVC. All the exclusive designs have been specially developed with the latest trends in mind. An alternative to tiles, wall panels have the advantage of no grout, less sensitive to

Kingspan offer an extensive range of high performance secret and through-fix insulated wall panel systems. Explore our wall Panels efficiencies. When you combine the benefits of a single source supplier for the complete insulated wall panel system; including top hat detailing, pre-formed corners and their application to cold-rolled steel products again from the same source, the benefits of product compatibility and performance further add to an efficient build and end product.

With a variety of grants available from The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland to assist towards the cost of insulation for houses built prior to 2006, it is a good idea to take advantage of this benefit as soon as possible. The following process applies: -. 1. One of our insulation surveyors will visit your property to complete a thorough survey in order to prepare an accurate specification for your property. The surveyor will also look at the suitability of your rooms for internal wall insulation

What are the advantages of External wall insulation? External wall insulation can be applied with minimal disruption to the tenants indoors; It will not reduce the floor space of your property; External wall insulation will transform the appearance of the properties outer walls and improve the walls ability to withstand the elements; By protecting the properties brickwork the lifespan of your walls will be increased; During the process the gaps & cracks in the brickwork will be filled, which will

As much of the work is performed in the factory, panels benefit from manufacturing efficiencies, innovations and design flexibility. . We have worked with the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland, the Carbon Trust UK and energy consultants to carry out product Life Cycle Assessments and identify all areas of our operation we could improve on from an energy efficiency point of . Precast cladding panels can be produced with all the necessary elements of wall construction included.

The Kingspan Architectural wall Panels portfolio is designed to challenge perceptions of building with panel; to push aesthetic boundaries and demonstrate versatile, communicative, impactful building design and to unify the simplicity of panel construction with bold architectural statements. 1. High performance insulation core 2. 11 distinct profiles are available, providing comprehensive design choice 3. Longspan versions available (same profiles but with a greater spanning

Oran Pre-Cast's twin wall system is an innovative product that brings all the advantages of precast concrete to the reinforced wall market. The walls come in a range of thicknesses, varying from 200mm to 400mm. A twin wall panel consists of two number 65mm thick precast concrete leafs, connected together by a steel lattice girder. The central void is then filled with concrete on site. Our in house design team offer a full wall design service. The panels are manufactured in a state of the

The most obvious benefit for developers is the speed of erection. O'Reilly concrete can erect as much as 400sqm of walls in one day. The system eliminates the need for wet trades, and also so improves production schedule times. in comparison to traditional construction methods, O'Reilly wall panels provide a more cost effective solution. Concrete is a non-combustible material therefore O'Reilly wall panels provide a higher degree of fire resistance than most other

Maximising thermal mass the ability of a building's envelope to store heat is typically regarded as another benefit of insulating externally. internal insulation covers masonry walls inside and reduces their ability to store heat, but external insulation leaves the walls exposed internally and keeps them warm too, giving them more thermal mass. Energy consultant Ciaran King of Emerald Energy published an analysis on this topic in Construct Ireland last year his figures showed that