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This system allows us to add extra impact modifiers throughout the inner layers that give Timberline many important advantages over ordinary plastic fencing systems. It never needs Post and Rail fencing, one of the most iconic styles of fencing synonymous with country life, cattle and horses. Think fencing has created its Timberline Range of fencing, faithfully replicating the traditional beauty of Timber post and rail fencing, with the strength and durability of High Tech composites.

Brown Flexible Rail horse Fence . Innovative continuous polymer or high-tensile wire technology allows the fence to flex upon impact to reduce injury risk while keeping the animal contained due to its high break strength. brittle or experiencing any breakdown; Specially-designed accessories in matching colors available for best installation; Customer will need to cut roll to desired lengths; Available in white, black and brown; Actual product nominal height 4.875 in. Made in

Hot Rail Electric HTP 5" Rail is an innovative fencing product that combines the patented Centaur HTP technology with electric fencing properties, significantly reducing installation time. Hot Rail Electric HTP 5" rail withstands impact without risking injury to your horse. HTP technology combines the pliability of polymer with the strength of high tensile, creating a rail that is safer, stronger and more flexible, helping reduce horse injuries on your farm. Withstands expansion

When selecting horse fence posts horse owners are now faced with a myriad of options. Over the years there have been many attempts to invent a better fence post and lots of materials tried each with varying levels of success. In this market how do our customers choose what is the best horse fence for their purpose? How are the horse fence posts to be installed? Before getting down to materials, shape and length an important consideration is how the posts will be

Flex Rail is the ultimate horse fence combining the strength of High Tensile Wire and the safety of Polymer. Flexes on impact and returns to its original shape. horses will love being behind this fence and owners will love the minimum amount of maintenance that they will have to do. fencing made specifically for the equine industry that provides a strong barrier, with the added safety of flexing on impact, very low maintenance, strong break strength, long life and high visibility. Our many

This comprises lightweight but strong and durable composite plastic posts plus a thin flexible polythene rail with incorporated wires and electric attached by bracket. The rail can yield to impact without breaking and is very forgiving. Mr Grumont said horserail was relatively quick to erect, saving on labour costs and also had a long life with minimal maintenance. It was also safe, looked attractive and required no painting. FABRICATED horse MESH. THIS is a good

Post and Rail vinyl fences by Bufftech are an excellent addition to any garden, home, business, or farm. Search for the perfect post and rail horse fence or Each fence style comes in white or almond with options for CertaGrain wood textures. Standard post spacing is 8' on the center. process to manufacture Bufftech vinyl fencing. This unique process results in a higher concentration of UV protection in the outer cap and provides exceptional impact resistance throughout the fence.

Color Options: white horse fencing is by far our most popular option, but we also offer tan, khaki and gray horse fencing options. Additional features: horse Fence Notch horse Fence Aluminum Insert

horserail is a coated rail and wire horse fence system that combines the patented horserail technology with premium virgin grade polyethylene and a super strong steel core, making it a safe, secure, and durable alternative to standard horse fencing. horserail's smooth surface is designed to flex and slide so that if a horse is to run an ideal permanent or moveable horse fencing solution. horserail fencing is impact resistant and won't break, splinter or warp. With its genuine 20 30

composite Posts. PasturePro composite posts are flexible and animal friendly. The lack of sharp edges reduces the risk of injury to your horse in the event of impact. Using “CAMEO” monofilament and an electric line or all electric lines provides an economical, flexible and safe fencing solution for your PasturePro posts are available in 4 colors, white, black, hickory and cedar. Larger diameters offer better strength, visibility and aesthetics and are recommended for horse fencing.

Details & Stafix X-Rope. 660'; 3 stainless-steel and 3 tinned-copper conductors; Highly visible white color; Easy to install Lightning Fence Wire. Permanent, coated electric fence wire; Withstands impact without the risk of injury to horses; Installs like high-tensile wire; Highly visible ½" Polytape. ½" electric fence tape; 656' roll; Ideal for temporary pastures and rotational grazing; Heavy-duty, highly conductive aluminum wires; Reinforced PVC-coated fiberglass for superior strength

Kencove ships electric fence supplies and tools for high tensile, portable fence, plastic high tensile rail fence, and non-electric high tensile wire to hold and protect cattle, horses, sheep, goats, deer, elk, poultry, and gardens. Wood-plastic composite flexes on impact; Lightweight, yet extremely durable; Self-insulating and easily drilled . Perfect for tough, rocky soil; Steel spike and large handles; Creates a 1" pilot hole; Use with PasturePro composite posts; Creates a 1" pilot hole

BLACKline hhp is a composite thermoplastic material formulated to maximize the strengths demanded of today's building products. Low maintenance, attractive, durable, and resistant to fire these are just a few of the properties that have dramatically increased the use of thermoplastic materials for fences. The major ingredient is a rigid CPVC homopolymer compound with 100% virgin material. BLACKline hhp products are mono-extruded, and feature impact modifiers with the

A major ingredient is a CPVC compound using 100% virgin material. This blend provides the only black, mono-extruded product on the market with superior UV protection, superb workability, excellent weather resistance, and high impact strength. The BLACKline hhp compound is blended with impact modifiers, colorant, UV stabilizers and anti-oxidants, thus creating optimal UV protection and enhancing impact strength. This, in turn achieves overall product stability.

The expected life of a fence depends on many factors, but Class 3 galvanizing can easily add 5 to 10 years of life to fence wire in a humid climate like Georgia's. Fence Posts. Wooden posts are plentiful in Georgia. Some major advantages of wood posts are strength as well as resistance to bending, misalignment and withdrawal. Build permanent fences with decay-resistant fence posts. Posts are available in wood, plastic, steel and fiberglass.

horse Fence Posts We believe that treated wood or fiberglass posts are the safest posts to use for horse fencing. Treated wood posts offer superior strength while fiberglass posts offer visibility and flexibility. The use of steel T posts should be white Lightning This unique fence wire combines the visibility & safety of PolyPlus with its abilitiy to deliver an electrical charge. It is a polymer covered high tensile wire that can be energized. It is commonly used in conjunction with PolyPlus.

HomeAdvisor's Vinyl fencing Cost Guide lists prices associated with building a vinyl or PVC fence including labor and materials, as reported by HomeAdvisor customers. While the most popular color is plain white, that is not the only option available. Most suppliers offer a variety of beige, Vinyl fence is constructed from polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which is combined with unique ingredients that provide excellent impact strength, weather-ability and durability. In fact, vinyl fencing is up

Our PVC fencing has double the impact strength and triple the UV protection of the industry standard. Australian made and the highest quality available.

Finish-Line horse Fence, It is protected by vital UV inhibitors that maintain product strength, flexibility and beautiful appearance for years. Fence, Finish-Line. Roll Length, 2000'. Colors Available, white, Black. Break Strength, 1250 Ibs. Warranty, 7 Years. Electric or Non Electric, Non Electric. Total Width, 3.364 mm. Post Space Recommended, 12' or less. Post Type, Wood, T-post, Fiberglass. Cost, Approximately .15/ft plus accessories. Samples Available, Yes

Kencove Farm Fence product specialists guide you to the best supplies for your situation. Top Quality, Reasonable Prices, Fast Delivery - we want to make your fence project a fulfilling success. Kencove ships supplies and tools for electric fence, portable fence, plastic tensile rail fence, and non-electric High Tensile wire to hold and protect cattle, horses, sheep, goats, deer, elk, poultry, and gardens. Online catalog, free fencing manual and informational resources.

ElectroBraid Fence is both a physical barrier and a psychological deterrent. Once a horse receives a painful shock the horse will not go near the fence again. It won't rub against the fence. It won't crib on it. And it won't try to jump over it or go through it . Colors Available, white, Black, Checkered (Black & white). Break Strength, 1300 lbs. Warranty, 25 Years. Electric or Non Electric, Electric. Total Width, 5 mm. Post Space Recommended, 50' or less. Post Type, Wood, T-post, Fiberglass.

Welcome to Bounce Back fencing for horses. The Bounce Back horse fencing system provides for a safe, durable and economical equine fencing solution. Our horse fence rail is manufactured from the highest quality polymer and reinforced with two high tensile 2.5mm wires. The 120mm wide horse fence rail is highly visible and will resist any impact. The polymers inherent strength is further enhanced by UV and heat stabilisation that will provide a longer lifetime than traditional

Poly Plus HTP . PolyPlus HTP is permanent fencing that uses a 12.5 gauge pre-straightened galvanized high-tensile wire embedded in a tough HTP polymer coating to produce a safer and more visible wire fence. PolyPlus HTP withstands impact without risking injury to your horse. Our coated design means no slicing or cutting injuries. PolyPlus HTP installs like high-tensile wire and is engineered for durability, resistant to wear and withstands extreme temperature ranges.