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Substances that are toxic to marine life are present in many products used to clean boats. Even “biodegradable” products often contain harmful ingredients. Chlorine bleach is dangerous to marine life and can be a health risk for people. Read labels and look for non-toxic, chlorine-fee, phosphate-free products. “EcoLogo” certified

Pesticides, one of the most important single hazards in the home. Around 1,400 pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides are ingredients in consumer products. Combined with other toxic substances such as solvents, pesticides are present in more than 34,000 different product formulations. On the Patio. Charcoal lighter fluid contains petroleum distillates.

T oxic Chemicals in Building Materials An Overview for Health Care Organizations 1. Written and produced by Health y Building Network. Production funded by the Global Health and Safety Initiative with the support of Health Care W ithout Harm. P A GE 2 OF 14 PVC and Other Chlorinated Plastics W h at Is PV C? Po lyvin yl ch lo rid e (PV C ) Ñ co

Our vegetable oil-based (VOB) two-part epoxy system relates to hypoallergenic and virtually non-toxic green organic resins for use in the formation of fiberglass and other fiber reinforced composites. During the curing stage, the VOB system does not vent off or contain any volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) and is non-toxic.

Paint Toxicity Some Paints are Healthier Than Others 'Regular paints give off low level toxic fumes that can cause breathing irritations and headaches. Painted surfaces can continue 'off gassing' fumes for months after painting. The good news is that many paint companies now offer healthier low emission products for the same cost. (These are

A BOATER’S GUIDE TO LESS-TOXIC MSDS will list any constituents considered to be hazardous substances to clean your boat, choose phosphate -free non

An alphabetical list of non toxic chemicals found in earth friendly cleaning products! Alcohol Plant-derived ingredient Generally recognized as safe Can be a skin and

During its manufacture, besides carcinogenic dioxins, many other toxic substances get released into the environment, including vinyl chloride, ethylene dichloride, dioxins, mercury, and PCB’s, to name a few. Non-Toxic Rain Boots. Vinyl in its natural state is not suitable for making consumer products (especially for non-toxic rain boots).

Many popular art materials contain toxic ingredients and may actually be detrimental to your child’s health. Because of the lax regulations governing the use of chemicals in our country, untested, dangerous chemicals are allowed in many products that we use every day, including art supplies. Children are especially vulnerable to these hidden health hazards because of their small size and immature immune systems.

Nontoxic materials are not considered to be harmful or destructive to human health. It is to be noted that at some level, every substance is toxic. Therefore the

Products manufactured with composite fencing materials are not only non-toxic, Qizhen wood plastic composite(WPC) outdoor Use wood plastic composite decking

EcoBalanza is a boutique designer and handcrafter of ethical and sustainable luxury upholstered furniture that is safe for your home or business and kind to our

Non-toxic hull coating resists barnacles, a finding that could ultimately save boat ship owners fought barnacles by coating their hulls with toxic substances

Hazardous Substances and the Boater. No paint or varnish product is environmentally safe, and all are toxic to both humans and marine life. When cleaning or painting

In boatbuilding applications, SAERTEX products help improve the energy balance of sailing yachts and motor boats. By using our fibre-reinforced composite materials

Minimize the discharge of pollutants from materials used for to increase durability are non-toxic in the include boat ramps, piers, docks, and floats.

Change to non-toxic materials may demands changes to the plans such as changes to the framing in the flooring, changes to the thickness of the walls, ceiling, and

Eco-Friendly Boating Rinse your boat with fresh water. use non-toxic cleaners - many cleaning but care must be taken to use the least abrasive material

Review of the widely available boatbuilding materials, Fine saw-dust is toxic and a health hazard; Great boatbuilding material (too heavy for small boats)