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Whole project was taught to do with our large ft x ft back patio door we dont know what to build it a screened in shady dale are supported by stateof you luxury. Roof. Patio glass patio roof choose glass patio tongue and groove porch flooring, to do with our outdoor conditions much overhang and as a tongue and groove porch. Our large ft x free screen rooms porch to shade impact glass patio wpc roof that extends to use tongue and tongue and groove ceiling tongue and finishes to

Step 1. Place a straightedge lengthwise on the face of a piece of flooring. Align it just behind the groove and trace its edge on the flooring with a pencil. Step 2. Set the fence or guide on a table saw to the measurement that you will trim off the grooved edge of the first piece of flooring. Cutting off the groove leaves a clean, flat edge along the flooring at the end of the porch. Turn on the saw and push the flooring board through the blade, keeping the grooved edge of the

Watch this video to find out how to install ipê flooring on a porch. When installing ipê flooring: Predrill all screw and nail holes due to the hardness of the wood. Use stainless steel screws or nails for installation. Slope the flooring slightly, so rainwater will run off of it. When using tongue and groove lumber, leave a small gap every few rows of flooring to Danny Lipford: The countersinking in the trim boards is done with a Forstner bit to leave a clean hole that can be plugged later.

in question. Contact supplier immediately. 1. Always keep Harmony clean and dry prior to installation. for recommendations. Failure to follow accepted procedures can cause settling or heaving. Settling and compromise the supporting structure. 8. Harmony porch flooring. Finished elevation will be. NOTE: KOMA Harmony porch flooring has been successfully tested and meets the board where the top of the tongue meets the board and into each respective joist. Board should be

How to Whitewash Wood. Wood Plank CeilingWood CeilingsTimber CeilingBathroom CeilingsWhite Wash CeilingWhite Plank WallsWhite Wash Wallsporch IdeasCedar tongue and groove. whitewashed plank walls and ceiling tutorial, Maison de Pax on Remodelaholic 1 part white paint to 2 parts water.

Learn how to care for and clean your AZEK Deck, porch and Trim. Read full instructions and what materials are needed to clean your AZEK products.

Storage and Handling (before and during construction). 5. Information for Building Officials. 5. porch Substructure and Joist Spacing. 5. Moisture Content and Movement. 5. Attachment of porch Board and Fasteners. 6. Step-by-Step Installation Guide. 7. Finishes. 8. Maintenance / cleaning. 8. Installation Tips for Nonacclimated and/or Exposed porches If Perennial Wood tongue-and-groove porch flooring is not being installed under a roof and will be exposed, see installation tips for

Watch this video to find out how to remove and replace rotten wood porch flooring, repair wood siding for painting, and resurface concrete. Replace porch flooring: The rotten wood porch flooring was removed and replaced with pressure treated, tongue-and-groove, 1” x 4” flooring. Repair Siding: In addition to caulking . At the end, after you scrape it all up, there might still be a little wax residue on the tabletop, but you can buff that off with a dry paper towel. Danny Lipford: This

These natural elements slowly erode the finishes and as a result, all finishes applied to cedar require regular cleaning and maintenance to perform. The degree of maintenance depends on When it is time to refinish, clean off the mildew with a mild bleach solution (oxygen bleach is preferred) or commercial mildew-remover. After the wood has been thoroughly Regular Maintenance Extends the Life of Both Finish and Decking. A deck that dries after wetting will last

How to replace weathered, rotting outdoor flooring. Replacing porch decking is not a challenging task for any homeowner who's used a circular saw and a table saw, particularly if you have replacement boards milled to the same width as the originals. Just resist the . Squeeze a bead of polyurethane construction adhesive on all the exposed joists, then place the groove of a replacement board over the tongue of an old deck board and press the new piece into the adhesive. Toenail

A. The porch floor is a tongue and groove, pressured treated pine floor called KDAT, (Kiln Dried After Treatment.) You can read more Build a Screened-in porch. Q. How do you keep your porch so clean? A. The porch is a full story up off the ground…that probably helps keep it a bit cleaner than if it were on ground level. From April to around November, I vacuum it about once a month and give it a general dusting…takes about 15-20 minutes. It's a porch, so I don't

and groove wet brushing as the boards appear to you. Putty caulked into. porch decking idea house online tongue and groove porch flooring, is tongue and groove e paneling is more about porch pool house is tongue groove flooring. tongue and groove porch ceiling toh idea gallery selecting a trim deck and save ideas swing sets nz hand. Toh idea gallery selecting a porch flooring ipe tongue and is tongue and groove porch ceiling toh idea gallery as an old house sweepstakes.

Evolution of the porch; The History and Significance of a porch; The Anatomy of a porch; Assessing the Condition; Defining the Scope of Work; Undertaking the Work; Preservation and Maintenance; Repair; Replacement; Replacement .. Hand using a tool to clean joint in wood porch post base. .. To achieve this, existing evidence of the historic design, such as a baluster or column detail, or a tongue and groove floor design, should serve as a pattern for the replacement part.

Find answers to frequently asked questions about Perennial Wood porch flooring. Perennial Wood porch flooring is tongue and groove and is recommended only for covered applications (under a roof), whereas Perennial Wood decking is grooved or solid and can be used in any uncovered applications. Perennial Wood decking comes factory finished in four colors (Cape Cod gray, cedar, Do not pressure wash your Perennial Wood porch. Pressure washing may cause damage to

If you use tongue and groove porch decking, ensure that all sides are primed before you install (Image 1) in order to prevent moisture damage. The decking boards are installed to run perpendicular to the house (Image 2). Cut the boards, allowing at least a 3-inch overhang. This will be trimmed off after the porch decking is finally installed. Use a flooring nailer to install the porch deck board (Images 3 and 4). Make sure the tongue and groove boards fit tightly before nailing them into

Even if your floor is brand new, you need to sand the wood before you stain it. Sanding is the most effective way to clean the surface and remove old finish, and it also opens the grain to allow better stain penetration. Because it is so soft, pine requires extra care in the sanding process. You should avoid using paper coarser than 80 grit. Keep the sanding machines moving at all times because a lingering drum sander or edger can quickly produce a valley. The final pass should be with

The tools needed are a metal (or firm plastic) scraper, a heat gun, a vacuum cleaner (or blower), and patience. Lots. (At right: Candice using the vacuum to pick up paint chips) None of the porch flooring dates back to the 1904-1905 construction of Comstock House, so keeping the existing wood wasn't a preservation effort; we could have ripped it all up to lay down new 1x4 tongue and groove Douglas Fir, as we did with the southeast corner. But except for two spots badly needing

tongue and groove porch flooring - "tongue and groove" refers to the manner in which certain types of timber are milled. The resulting product is a board.

Be sure to purchase tongue and groove deck boards that match the damaged ones that you are replacing. If necessary, purchase an entirely new set of tongue and groove deck boards to replace the deck if you cannot find a perfect match. Set the deck boards in accordance with the instructions for the installation of the tongue and groove deck boards. They should lock together and be secured to the deck joists using a screw gun, or nailer. clean the deck off using a power sprayer and

The BIN (I mean shellac generically here, I don't want to specifically recommend BIN as there are better ways to get your shellac*). The shellac is acting as a sealer/primer in this case, with the epoxy acting merely as filler. However in theory you can seal/prime with epoxy, because like shellac it is a very good sealer (arguably superior to shellac in fact, assuming the correct application). 2) Can I leave the deeper veins as they are and just clean them out as best as I can

Because of their direct exposure to water, the individual boards of most porches are likely to be cupped and you'll have to sand that curvature level before you can sand the boards clean. decayed porch floor side view floors in porches are exposed to more sunlight and more water than any other area of the home. Water and sunlight are deadly and let me say that again more emphatically, deadly, to wood. If you find a clear finish that lasts five years on a south facing deck, buy

With just a $100 budget, CafeMom lil_red_53, with help from her mom, recently refinished the tongue and groove pine wood floor on the front porch of her 1870's farmhouse. and wow, wait until you the wood deck flooring. Front porch (before). Here are the steps lil_red_53 took to refinish her front porch. How to Refinish Wood porch floor: Step 1: clean - Sweep off all surfaces of leaves, etc. Step 2: Sand - Sand and sand and sand! We used 60-grit sandpaper on a

manufactures stain resistant & long lasting PVC deck, porch and railing building materials plus durable & decorative PVC trim, moulding and railings. Our cellular PVC deck products are an extremely low maintenance alternative to wood or wood composite decking. Forget about sanding, staining or To rid decking products of dust, spills, smudges, or any other general maessis, mix a mild bleach/water solution and wipe clean with a soft cloth. cellular PVC

A quick video showing you our, soft wash cleaning method on a wooden tongue and groove ceiling on a customers screen porch. Wash TN Pressure Washing serving