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decking. Advantage decking Offers Unmatched Versatility. FinD OUT MORE ABOUT CUMARU . decking (Brazilian Teak) Appearance: Color variation includes honey to reddish brown with dark grain accents throughout the wood. Hardness: 3540 lbs - 8x Harder than Redwood Bending Strength: 24,800 psi. Benefits: Low maintenance. Extremely durable. Naturally resistant to decay. Offers 50 year lifespan.

Common Uses: Flooring, decking, exterior lumber, veneer, tool handles, and other turned objects. Comments: is a wood of extremes: extremely dense and durable, as well as extremely difficult to work. Its incredible hardness and strength make it well suited for flooring applications, though it is referred to as “Brazilian Walnut” among flooring dealers—though it is not related to true Walnut in the Juglans genus. Formerly placed in the Tabebuia genus, species of (H. guayacan,

You'll also find cellular PVC and plastic lumber (HDPE—high-density polyethylene) decking, both of which install similarly to composite deck boards. We'll focus on Quality composite decking, like decking, costs two to three times more than pressure-treated wood but lasts two to three times longer. The fact that your local . They show the results of tests for moisture absorption, abrasion resistance, fastener spacing, allowable spans and stresses and more. Visit decks.com or

Gorgeous golden decking Garapa (also known as Apuleia Leiocarpa, Brazilian Ash, Grapia, Amarealao, Marotoa, Muiratua, Muirajuba) is one of the finest quality hardwoods available that features a fine-grained timber that is light yellow to a warm golden hue. Garapa is an exotic hardwood that is naturally resistant to rot, decay and insect attack. Garapa is naturally scratch resistant which allows the surface to remain smooth for many years, making Garapa an perfect wood for exterior

ABSTRACT in its wise use, many properties of wood are important. Among these properties, wood abrasion resistance (AR) and withdrawal capacity of screws (WCS) are deemed to be relatively significant. It is well know that heat treatment changes the resistance features of wooden materials by changing the structural characteristics of wood. Within the scope of this study, the effects were investigated of the temperature and duration of heat treat- ment of Wild Cherry (Cerasus avium

and decking are almost 10 times harder than composite products. While this medium hardness may be fine for your backyard where a couple people walk across it daily, imagine the damage wrought by hundreds of thousands of people walking across a boardwalk each day. As we will see in the points below, damaging the outer core of composite decking can be catastrophic, and this lower hardness practically ensures that damage will occur in such high traffic conditions.

The level of rot resistance is directly related to the amount of chemical preservatives in the wood, and the type of chemicals used. Lumber that's "It sounds simple, but there's a fair amount of confusion about retention levels with pressure treated wood," cautions John Daingerfield, buyer, for Jaeger Lumber, a chain of seven New Jersey building material centers. "It's hard for even Take this small amount of shrinkage into account when laying decking or fence boards.

This study investigated the effect of board type (unmodified vs. MAPE modified) on the surface quality and thickness swelling-water absorption properties of recycled high density polyethylene (HDPE) based wood plastic composites. Additionally, two commercially available coatings (cellulosic coating and polyurethane lacquer coating) were also applied to composite surfaces and their adhesion strength, abrasion and scratch resistance, and gloss values were

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Magnolia Home Remodeling Group is a NJ deck contractor proudly installing decks and porches with and Timbertech products for New Jersey homeowners. Our design team and crew of professional carpenters install beautifully built, porch flooring and decking made of the finest PVC and composite materials, with the widest array of style choices, and most competitive pricing. We provide both deck remodeling services as well as building new decks: The addition of a new deck

It has excellent abrasion and chemical resistance. It is also available in a smooth version without the rubber granules. Both ArmorTrak (indoor version) and Armortrak 18-Ox (outdoor version) may be used for indoor and outdoor applications. However, as Armortrak may experience some degree of fade in outdoor applications, ArmorTrak 18is recommended for maximum UV protection under these conditions. Armortrak is currently used by the US Navy on many of their boat decks under

Hand-selected from Brazilian mills and custom-machined to perfection, our wide range of IPE decking components help you make an exotic statement at an affordable price. Also known as Brazilian Walnut, IPE is one of the most beautiful and durable exotic woods available for outdoor use. IPE's reddish-brown hue and lustrous interwoven grain lend your outdoor projects a sense of warmth and elegance, while the wood's hardness, resistance to decay, and hassle-free upkeep make it

Timber alternative products that are low maintenance & weatherproof. Composite wood Company products include: fencing, decking & garden rooms. Find out more.

Fiberglass is a common material for decks in my region of coastal New Jersey, especially when the deck is installed over living space, or when the client wants a porch roof that provides maximum protection from the weather. To avoid skin contact with the fiberglass resin and catalyst, it's always a good idea to wear gloves. Before mixing anything, Brian used a rotary grinder outfitted with an abrasive disc to soften and clean up any sharp or rough plywood edges.

Advance Roofing, Windows, Siding & Doors provides deck installation services throughout the Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Maryland area. With a Advance Roofing, Windows, Siding & Doors offers deck installation and our contractors are highly experienced and ready to design the wood deck to perfectly accent your home. Exceptional durability and resistance to the elements; Virtually no maintenance; Doesn't retain heat perfect for bare feet on hot summer days!

From decorative terrazzo, to epoxy flooring, to waterproof decking, our Dex-O-Tex product lines provide aesthetically-pleasing, durable surfaces for any demanding environment. Browse our full line of products or consult a representative to receive specific recommendations for your construction or VL Primer. Epoxy primer for sealing to new or existing concrete, wood, or steel substrates. Weatherseal XL. Waterproofing sealer providing excellent chemical and abrasion resistance.

wood deck tiles. Thumb. Create stunning rooftop environments with elevated wood decks or terraces using Architrex highly durable, high strength, scuff and wear resistant 2' x 2' structural wood tiles supported by adjustable height pedestal systems. See more here & Versatile Thumb

Folding Deck Chair with Permanently Attached Sling. The Jersey Midback folding deck chairs with permanently attached slings are specifically designed to provide comfort and ease of utilization and storage in hospitality environments. Featuring a locking device to secure the seat into position for safe use and hard wearing footpads for extra wear resistance on hard deck surfaces. High strength sling fabric meets the stringent requirements for color fastness, resistance to soiling, and

You don't need to be a deck designer to know that and Veranda are leaders in wood alternative decking. offers incredible strength, beauty, hassle free maintenance and a revolutionary line of products that will allow you to create the deck of your dreams. Veranda's composite decking is easy to clean, mold and mildew resistant and can emulate the look of interior hardwoods for a gorgeous look. Deck railings are an essential part of any deck design. There are many railings

Our natural wood options range from kiln-dried redwood, cedar, to pressure-treated southern yellow pine. Dollar for dollar, a wooden composite deck will yield a higher return on investment than most home-improvement projects. wood Also called Brazilian walnut, is a beautiful exotic wood from South America. Lumber is used for wood decking, decking tiles, and other outdoor applications, wood structures are hard, strong, and naturally resistant to rot, abrasion and

decks provide unique advantage that other deck materials can't offer. Unlike wood decks, decking can easily withstand all seasons without damage.