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InsulRoof offers the widest range of faced, laminated and standard high-performance EPS roof insulation products, in custom-sized insulated roof panels and blocks.

Lstiburek shares his experience insulating & repairing a roof on his home in Westford MA, and uses it as an example of how over-roofing can be detrimental.

Are there any advantages to insulating the roof rafters? Is moisture buildup in the attic an issue? Would insulating it increase the risk of ice dams? Insulating

SECTION 07 22 00 ROOF AND DECK INSULATION G. Wood Stops, Blocking, and Insulation Extend cut-offs 6 inches on roof deck, carry up and over roof insulation,

GAF Cornell ThermaCal Nail Base Roof Insulation Panels Can be used on structural wood or steel sloped roof decks Classified for Insulated Metal Deck

Damage investigations of spray foam-insulation wood roof decks have found instances where deterioration of a wood deck has occurred due to water intrusion.

Firestall Roof Deck. Can be applied over either steel or wood framing or structural steel deck; Provides a nailbase surface to attach additional insulation,

Firestall Roof Deck. Firestall Roof Decking is a nailable Class "A" fire rated structural roof decking, made of multiple plies of Homasote structural board and a

Products: Deck, Insulation, 2" Douglas Fir T & G Timberweld Roof Deck System. For the timeless beauty and texture of wood, Lock-Deck is the solution.

Roofing & Insulation, concrete Roofs fall into 3 main categories, ICF, Wood or Metal Deck, and Precast. ICF roof panels are typically 6 inches or thicker, and can

It is an acceptable practice to install a new roof over an existing roof membrane system, provided that the roof deck is structurally sound and has been properly

Hey Guys, Got a job coming up where we need to use some insulated decking materials. There is no other way to achieve any sort of insulation. The ceiling is the roof

An I-joist flat wood roof system with both cavity insulation below the roof above the roof deck insulation to deliver the same Energy-Efficient Roof

1.1 The primary function of a roof deck is to provide structural Roof Decks 2.2 Nailing strips and wood edging or curbs should be of #2 or better lumber.

Roofing Insulation Starts With Insulfoam. Wood Deck. Product: InsulFoam SP; Nail base Roof Insulation InsulFoam base with factory laminated OSB

crete roof decks, wood decks or when the original roof is left in place. For specific details about using THERMAPINK Roof & Deck Insulation 07220

related causes of water leakage and deterioration of wood roof decks Test parameters included type of wood deck Impact of Spray Foam Insulation on

Structural Insulated Roof Panels. What can structural insulated roof panels from J-Deck, Inc. do for me? J-Deck Inc. is the most affordable and reliable structural

Acceptable wood roof decks may include wood board decks, plywood decks, and, subject to restrictions, With the exception of standard insulated roof systems,