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Deckcoat EP is a low VOC, solvent free, epoxy car park deck coating system providing a colourful watertight, hard wearing surface for intermediate decks of multi-storey, basement and other trafficable suspended floors.

Deckshield ED Rapide is a methyl methacrylate car park deck coating system providing a colourful watertight, hard wearing surface for exposed decks. Deckshield ED Rapide has been developed to enable very fast track applications, therefore dramatically reducing program time.

Thanks to its large deck space, the PRINOTH crawler carrier can be rigged with equipment such as tanks, hose reels and toolboxes capable of providing assistance to almost any type ... While being equipped with an excavator or backhoe, digging in difficult terrains like swamps or hard packed surfaces becomes possible.

The Pakistani government recently utilized World Bank financing to begin extensive repairs and rehabilitation work at the 66-year-old Jinnah Barrage. Schools, mosques, a public park, a basic health unit, and natural gas and telephone lines are being built as well.

We interviewed Paul Schmitt, known as the “Godfather” of modern-day skateboard deck manufacturing, about how 3D printing can change education and manufacturing. ... They've got to figure out how to make that 3D file, and they've got to build good surfaces, and it's not so easy as you want it to be.

Cleaning Horizontal Steel Surfaces. Horizontal steel blasting systems can be used to clean steel surfaces such as: Storage tank floors; Ship decks; Hatch covers; Tank tops. Barges and other marine vessels; Bridge decks; Helicopter landing decks; Walkway's on offshore drilling platforms. Horizontal steel cleaning machines ...

More natural-- gradual change color, no scratches, no stain, no shinning, deep wood grain with rough surface and vivid colors similar to real wood. Longer lifetime-- more than 25years life time & limited warranty for 15 years. Maintenance-- still very hard to sand brush off the stains caused by wine, butter, or oil. not for us ...

The initial squall almost capsized the mother boat, while a hard rain churned the dark water into a white froth. In a few seconds, rain reduced visibility to a couple of metres and the swamped lamp boats disappeared from sight, while the crew on the mother boat clung to whatever was fixed on the open deck ...

SI.com's Week in Wrestling is published every Wednesday and provides beneath the surface coverage of the business of pro wrestling. ... It makes me want to work harder. ... I had a team of engineers go on the ship deck to make sure that the ring could be secured because it had never been done before.

But specific references to South Africa's past surface, too: At one point in the show, performers briefly hold up signs referring to the 1955 Freedom Charter and to the notorious Sharpeville .... Having seen news clips from the G20 Summit, Masekela said he knew that Torontonians were up for “a lot of trouble-making.”

FIND OUT MORE ABOUT MASSARANDUBA . Massaranduba Decking (Brazilian Redwood) Appearance: Velvet red to dark reddish brown with straight grain and a fine texture. One side of the surface is anti-slip and the opposite surface is smooth for a more traditional look. Hardness: 3190lbs - 7.5x Harder than Redwood

At that moment waves were sweeping the bathyscaph's deck without ceasing, and we had just discovered that the surface telephone, which enabled the pilot .... a possibility that we might come down on a slope of the trench instead of on the floor, landing sooner than planned and perhaps striking a hard surface, even rocks.

News sources attributed the price rise in the earlier part of the year to increased demand in India, and the price decrease in the latter ..... byproduct of cesium production in pegmatites and as a byproduct of lithium production from lepidolite (hard rock) mining and ...... Emery is a substitute in nonskid surfaces.

Divinycell H80 foam is the core material on all horizontal surfaces. ... Wooden plugs; Guardrail: At sheer painted to match hull with solid stainless steel half oval; All stainless steel deck hardware; Stainless steel bow pulpit with teak seat; Stainless steel stanchions with double lifelines and port and stbd boarding gates ...

Chine is best pictured by a kayak's cross-section—it describes any transition from one surface to another from hull to deck. Chine can be hard or soft, single or multi. The Manitou II is an example of a soft-chined kayak—it rounds gently from the hull to the deck. A double hard chine, like that on the Looksha series, has two ...

Deckshield ID is a Green Label certified, low VOC, solvent free, flexible polyurethane car park deck coating system providing a colourful watertight, hard wearing surface for intermediate decks of multi-storey, basement and other trafficable suspended floors.

Hard Surface Restoration, Tile, Carpet, Floor, Grout, Deck, Brick, and Upholstery Cleaning, utilizing the most advanced technology in the Rockford MI Area.

Moon Deck Stair Nosing's are pre-formed FRP extrusion that has an innovative anti-slip aggregate interlocking coating that provides an excellent slip-resistant and ultra hard wearing surface. These products are NATA certified Australian slip resistant standards AS4586:2013.Class P5, The highest standard achievable.