surcharge on a retaining wall definition in architecture

GUIDE TO. RETAINING WALL. DESIGN. GEOTECHNICAL ENGINEERING OFFICE. Civil Engineering Department. The Government of the Hong Kong ... An additional bank charge of HK$50 or US$6.50 is required per cheque made in currencies other than ..... The advice of a landscape architect should be sought whenever.

Both of these systems are precast, modular gravity-type retaining walls composed of structurally reinforced, monolithic T-WALL units. The standard T-WALL Retaining Wall System decreases in stem length course by course reducing materials, excavation, and backfill as compared to other wall systems.

PAGE 1 of 4. Construction of retaining walls, except those less than 3 feet in height and not supporting surcharge, ... Walls that are not specifically shown in this form must be designed by a California licensed architect, civil or structural engineer. No building foundation, driveway, parking or other loading on the upper level.

geotechnical design of flexible cantilevered or anchored retaining walls to be constructed on New ... Surcharge Loads: The term “surcharge” refers to an additional loading on the proposed wall system. This term usually refers to traffic loading that is in ...... page 1-2, for the definition of roadbed limits).

Matthias Laga. Analysis and design of 16.5m retaining wall with Terre Armée. Academic year 2016-2017. Faculty of Engineering and Architecture. Chair: Prof. dr. ir. Peter Troch. Department of Civil Engineering. Master of Science in Civil Engineering. Master's dissertation submitted in order to obtain the academic degree of.

To lay out and design a retaining wall or reinforced slope, consider the following items: .... Approval by the State Bridge and Structures Architect is required on all retaining wall aesthetics, including finishes, ..... the surcharge load and is treated as a nonstandard wall if the surcharge load is located within a ...

and landscaping walls and define the requirements for other walls built in the city limits. This IB ... Landscape walls are designed by landscape architects or others strictly for landscaping purposes. Though not ... retaining walls by DSD if the wall is 10-feet or higher in height, or supports a surcharge from a.

examples of surcharge include: 1. Retained soil that ... (Fig 3). 3. A driveway or roadway behind a retaining wall will surcharge the wall. (Fig 4) ... When a permit is required, do I need to hire a design professional (licensed civil, geotechnical or structural engineer, or licensed architect) to design my retaining wall? Yes, if. .. 1.

areas. Retaining walls designed by Regions: recommendations for vertical and lateral earth pressure considerations. Roadway design: general assistance to Regional Geotechnical Engineer where required. Pipe design: unusual problems involving earth pressures and jacking procedures. Channel slope ...

DESIGN OF STRUCTURES. Design Of Retaining Wall With Surcharge Load Inclined At Some Angle. QUESTION: Design a RCC retaining wall with surface inclined at and retains earth up to a height of 12 above NSL. Base of the footing is to be placed 3 below NSL. Soil has densityof . Angle of repose is ° . Take Use .

14.1 Introduction. Retaining walls are used to provide lateral resistance for a mass of earth or other material to .... Examples of this include CIP cantilever, MSE and modular block walls. Bottom-up walls are ...... The transient loads include, but are not limited to, water pressure WA, live load surcharge LS, and forces caused ...

by a licensed architect or engineer. ▫. Retaining Walls that: a) Measure more than 4 feet from the bottom of the footing to the top of the retaining wall; and or b) Support a surcharge or impound Class I, II, or III-A liquids. ▫. See Page 2 for General Definitions. COUNTY OF LAKE. COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT DEPARTMENT.

Differences Between Retaining and Flood Walls. Purpose of Walls. Seepage and Leakage Control Requirements. Wall Stability. Special Flood Wall ... Earth Pressure Calculations Including Wall. Friction. Distribution of Horizontal Earth Pressure. Surcharge Effects. Earth Pressures Due to Compaction.

footing to the top of the wall, or walls of any height that Support a surcharge load (e.g., vehicle, parking area, sloping ground surface, or soil pressures exerted from adjacent ... Retaining walls shall be designed by a licensed architect or a registered civil or structural engineer. A complete engineering evaluation shall be ...