cost of wood deck vs pavers

re: Wood Deck vs Pavers vs Concrete Posted by Rust Cohle on 11/5/17 at 6:09 pm to Warfarer A professional paver job usually has 12" of underbed. Most of the cost is in labor.

There are also other costs to take into account when considering deck cost, including taxes, additional insurance and maintenance costs. The cost of a paver patio installed, depending on where you live, will most likely cost anywhere from $12 to $20 per square foot.

For example, as of 2011 a patio made of small brick pavers typically cost $5.25 to $5.75 per square foot, while using large concrete pavers would drop the price to about $3.50 per square foot, Donaldson says.

Patio or Deck Which is Best? is to make sure to understand the construction as well as the maintenance costs of each one. We have a wood deck in our

The main draw for installing a wood deck vs. composite decking is probably its cost: Pressure-treated wood: $16-$18/square foot (lasts 10 to 15 years) Cedar or redwood: $20-$22/square foot (lasts 15 to 20 years) Although it will have a lower initial cost to install, wood can end up being more costly because of its maintenance requirements.

But in general most wood decks require some annual or paver stone patio to a deck, the costs become much next time I'm hashing a deck vs. patio project

Lifetme Deck; 30 Year Structural Warranty; For consumers who want a maintenance-free lifetime deck solution, Paverdeck is a patented galvanized steel deck structure capable of supporting stone/con. crete pavers or other finishes at any level from ground level patios, elevated decks, rooftop terraces, docks, and other structures.

The age old debate - Paver Patio vs. Wood Deck by Tim Sanford on 04/13/11 I was just quoting a job where we are demolishing an old deck and replacing it with a paver patio.

Putting in a Deck or Patio? Wood decking: The low cost, stone and concrete pavers are available in a range of styles and colors and are extremely durable.

Concrete patios come in various designs and styles, and the cost that a homeowner will pay often depends on where the individual lives, the size of the patio and the design chosen. The Costs $3 to $15 per square foot.

Deck vs Pavers. which would cost more to DIY? a 11' x 18' deck, app 3' above ground with rails and stairs or a ground level patio of the same size?

For instance, Remodeling Magazine’s Cost Value Report in 2013 states the average cost of a midrange deck addition project runs around $15,000 for a composite deck and $9,327 for wood. While This Old House averages a new deck to be just shy of $6,000.

Deck vs. Patio: What’s the Difference and Which One is Wood is more susceptible to Installing a patio flush to the ground can cost much less than a deck.

Patio: deck vs concrete .cost? stlouisgaltoo For me wood decks become eyesores in no time. and You can use concrete pavers in a variety of shapes and

Let’s compare a composite wood deck to the three most popular types of patios those made with brick, pavers and concrete. Brick Patios Versus Composite Decks Brick patios have been popular for centuries, and they’re an attractive addition to many styles including traditional, colonial, Victorian, rustic, country, Cape Cod, Mediterranean, contemporary, modern and dozens more.

When the weather warms up, we want to put either a brick paver patio or a wood deck on our house. (Not sure of the exact size, maybe 10'x20') I've

In conclusion, say your upfront cost on your decking of paver decking vs. concrete decking was 30% more expensive, to fix a badly settled deck down the road would be night and day. If you had pavers vs concrete, the pavers would be in the ballpark of around a 300% savings.

Decking vs. Paving: tile or cement pavers. 2. Decking and paving pros and cons. your best choice will likely be decking. 4. Decking vs paving costs.